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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Turkey Warns it will Exercise its International Rights

From Zaman

The Cabinet Council, which convened on Monday to discuss the recent security developments and PKK terror attacks, signaled that a cross border operation is still an option.

Turkish Government spokesman Cemil Cicek said, “Turkey has the right to exercise its rights which are based on international domestic law.”

The struggle against terrorism will continue at any cost, Cicek told reporters.

“The entire world should be aware that we will carefully watch for offers of support and a show of sincerity from our allies, which is our right. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is a terrorist organization and every country has the authority and the right to fight against terrorism.”

Cicek informed that Turkey carries out activities to prevent acts of terrorism with three institutions; the National Security Council (MGK) and the Turkish Higher Anti-Terror Board (TMYK) and the government. Any measures the security forces seek, including legal arrangements have been taken and their needs are being met even though they exceed the budget, said Cicek.

“If political determination and guidelines are considered necessary, they will be discussed in the meeting”, continued Cicek, who asked that the struggle against terrorism not be politically exploited, but reminded that it is part of the state’s political policies.

Call for US and Iraq to ‘Take Measures’

Cemil Cicek highlighted that the separatist terror organization, the PKK, is nourished in northern Iraq and sheds blood in Turkey.

“We want the Iraqi government and our ally the US to end the conflicts in accordance with international law. We have conveyed our thoughts to our alliances many times. However, Iraq has a new government and new responsibilities to fulfill within the counterterrorism program. We expect Iraq to take the necessary precautions to prevent possible attacks against Turkey, and the US to help Iraq in this sense.”

In response to a question, government spokesman Cemil Cicek said a state of emergency (OHAL) was not on the agenda and has not been mentioned in recent meetings.


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