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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Official Support for Turkey on Cyprus

From Zaman

The Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), a policy think-tank in Brussels, renowned for its policy research studies on the European Union (EU), offered its support to Turkey on the Cyprus issue.

The CEPS report, submitted to the EU term president Finland, reads: “Northern Cyprus, accepting the internationally recognized first and only solution, the Annan Plan, cannot be held responsible for the division on the Island any longer.”

The CEPS also asked for isolations imposed on the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) to be removed.

The report was presented verbally to Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhahen.

The CEPS evaluated Turkey’s EU membership and the Cyprus issue in the report titled ‘Strategic issues in a broader Europe’.

The report reminds the remarks made by EU Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn suggesting that the negotiation process with Turkey is heading towards a “train wreck.”

“These are logical conditions to be put before a candidate country. However, Turkey also has logical demands,” reads the report.

Emphasizing the Greek Cypriot’s rejection of the Annan Plan in a simultaneous referendum on the island, the report criticized the Greek government, saying, “The legitimacy of the referendum is indisputable. However, the Greeks did not use their willpower to renegotiate the plan.”

The CEPS presents three choices to resolve the issue and warns that the EU should not be intimidated by the Greek Cypriots.

The first and potentially most successful of the alternatives involves coming to an agreement by reviewing the Annan Plan, the second involves lifting of all isolations on the TRNC exerting just pressure on the Greek Cypriots by the other 24 EU members.

The final suggestion involves “Disregarding the absurd isolations.”

Frassoni: I Understand Turkey

Monica Frassoni, the co-chair of the Greens Group at the European Parliament, stated that Turkey should fulfill its obligations and implement the Additional Protocol.

“Nevertheless, I understand Turkey’s questions. Turkish Cypriots went to great pains to ensure the approval of the Annan Plan and the continuing strength of Papadopoulos threatens any hopes of a solution on the Island.”

Frassoni, reminding that they opposed the accession of Greek Cyprus to the EU before the matter was solved, noted: “Our warnings proved true.”


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